Phit Singles Pack

Introducing our phit single serving packets!

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Progress Isn't Compromise

Flavored ph water? Simple . Buy bottled ph water, squirt in water enhancer, and voila! Flavored alkaline h2o. Not quite...You just turned expensive ph water into something as acidic as soda! 

Call us idealists, but we knew a perfect balance existed.

The right Phit for you: easy, uncompromising, alkaline flavor.

Zero The Hero

Phit Has all natural ingredients and zero nonsense


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Green For The Planet And Your Pocket

$1.99 Vs. 27¢. The average cost of one high ph bottled water is about $1.99. At just 27¢ per serving Phit is kind on your wallet. Phit's also recyclable and contains 18 servings. One Phit bottle or 18 empty water bottles; the choice is yours.

Phit Vs The Other Guys.

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Red Vs. Blue. The Ph Scale. 

The ph scale ranges from zero to fourteen, with seven being neutral. 

Red hues indicate a ph range of 0-6 and acidity. Blue hues indicate a ph range over 7 and alkalinity.

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The Red Zone. Zero Competition

We tested the leading water enhancers and "healthy" flavored beverages to discover they all had a ph less than four! Virtually the same acid level as soda. 

See big beverage loves acid.  Acid means longer shelf life, higher production numbers, and a bigger bottom line. That's why companies pump their products full of acid and mask the taste with sugar and artificial sweeteners. Rebranding acidic products and ignoring the problem.

You shouldn't have to compromise for inferior solutions. We spent the last five years researching, testing, developing and laboring to create the world's first flavored alkaline mixer. Just as they preach in every health article or fitness magazine; There are no "six-pack shortcuts" to getting phit.

Visit our Youtube channel to see comprehensive unbiased pH tests of the leading water enhancers and beverages.