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Many if not most advances in human evolution are driven by the need to solve a problem. The deeper the the need, often the better the solution. Phit was the result of a need to make a tasty alternative to drinking high PH plain water. Millions of people have shifted from drinking soft drinks only, to drinking bottled water for hydration. There are many people that refuse to drink plain water.

Bottled water consumption has skyrocketed, and more recently, high PH bottled water consumption has sky rocketed. Many of us still craved flavored drinks.

For co-creator of pHit Adrian Wildman Cenni, attempting and achieving world record stunts over the last two decades takes severe dedication. Adrian has to be able to recover quickly from crash after crash extremely quickly in order to continue to develop new first ever in Human achievement. Adrian is a firm believer that promoting Alkalinity in his body is a factor in physical recovery and longevity.

For young co-creator Chris Moss, recovering from back injuries sustained from the ultra-competitive international tennis circuit has been critical. Chris is a believer in the benefits of an Alkaline diet.

Developed over five years working together with tenured professor of food science at Rutgers University, along with an in university flavor lab, pHit has finally emerged as a unique product that is simple yet very unique.


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