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Hi, we are Christopher Moss & Adrian Cenni and Phit is our brainchild. Two individuals with a passion for fitness, good food, and never taking no for an answer. We strongly believe healthy food can and should taste amazing. No one should be forced to compromise between health and taste.

As fans of high ph water and the benefits of alkaline diets, we were confused and a bit disheartened at the limited options available. We had to run to the store and buy expensive high pH bottled water anytime we wanted an alkaline drink. There just had to be a better way, and yet the beverage industry refused to tackle this daunting endeavor.

Fast forward five years later, countless hours in the lab & sleepless nights, the perfect formula is ready. Alkaline that is on the go, convenient, cheap, and most importantly, flavored with delicious all natural ingredients. We are excited to watch the world to get phit!


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