How do you use phit?

Open the spill-proof lid and squeeze phit (about 1/2 teaspoon) into your water. Each squeeze gives your water flavor the way you want it. We formulated phit based around one squeeze, but your taste buds might like a little more or a little less. You have the control!


Does phit increase the ph of tap water?

Yes, phit increases NYC tap water to a pH of 9.2.


Is phit expensive or a bargain?

Phit is one of a kind. There are no other options to create a tasty, flavored, and alkaline beverage. We have to custom make flavors and recreate the process to create each new tasty flavor from scratch. Making new alkaline flavors costs us significiantly more than the standard acidic flavors on the market. We believe the huge health benefits phit provides over other water enhancers more than justifies the slight price premium. On the other hand, phit can actually make 22 servings of flavored alkaline drinks for you to enjoy. You can even turn your regular tap water into a healthy alkaline refreshment, saving you both time and money. Grocery store runs to buy overpriced bottled ph water is no longer necessary to enjoy an alkaline diet.

Does phit need to be refrigerated?

No. Phit itself does not need refrigeration, however if you mix a beverage with phit it will stay fresh longer if refrigerated. We also advise to not store phit in your car when it is hot outside. As temperatures in your car can reach a temperature well over 100 degrees; extended exposure to hot temperatures can negatively alter phit's taste.


Is there any acid in phit?

No, on the contrary phit actually helps reduce the acid in beverages

Can I take phit on an airplane?

Yes, phit can be taken with you in your carry on luggage. However we would advise you to be cautious. Changes in air pressure may cause issues with a sealed container.

Is phit safe for children?

The ingredients in phit are recognized as safe for the general population, children included. However, please check with your children's doctor for medical advice if you are concerned with any of our ingredients.  If any signs of an allergy occur contact your doctor and please send us an email. . 

Is phit+ safe for children?

As phit+ is our energy alkaline mixer we highly advise to not serve this to your children as it contains caffeine. 

Is phit safe for diabetics?

People with diabetes should always consult their physician or doctor to evaluate how certain foods can fit into their meal plan. However, phit can be considered an excellent beverage option for people living with diabetes because all flavors contain 0g of carbohydrate per serving, 0 sugar, and 0 artificial sweeteners. 

Is phit safe for pregnant women or breastfeeding women?

We'd recommend talking to your physician or healthcare provider about adding anything concerning into your diet.